Reliable service for solar and photovoltaic systems

Unlike wind power plants, photovoltaic systems have no rotating generators or wind turbines that are prone to defect and require a lot of maintenance attention by their very nature. Despite that, however, it is good practice to have these systems inspected, maintained and repaired by experts. This extends their life and ensures smooth operation.

Volt-Energy offers the following services:

  • Visual inspection of solar modules
  • Inspection of panels for contamination and damage
  • Inspection of operating status indicators and power inverters
  • Inspection of housings and cable ducts
  • Checking all electronic connections for firm seating and conductivity
  • Provision of required accessory and spare parts
  • Repair and maintenance
Solar Penele

Solar Panel

Solar energy is one of the most efficient sources of alternative energy – after all, the amount of energy from the sun that reaches our plant within only half an hour exceeds the amount consumed globally within a year. Ensure that no valuable energy is lost by unnecessary downtime of your equipment. Rely on our many years of experience in solar power and call us – Volt-Energy will take care also of your photovoltaic systems.