Replacement parts

You are looking for replacement parts? Volt Energy will find them for you.

The availability of accessory items and replacement parts is an important factor in wind power generation. When a wind power system is damaged or repairs must be made, the equipment must be shut down, which may be quite costly in some cases. To avoid loss of output and downtime it is important to act quickly and provide the necessary replacement parts. Volt-Energy knows the market and where parts can be obtained.

We have all common parts of most systems from manufacturers such as Repower-Senvion, Vestas, Enercon, Nordex, Bonus, General Electric and Tacke in stock and can supply them directly. Other parts will be sourced as quickly as possible. Not all parts may be available in the regular market, particularly for older systems. In such cases, we will draw on our large stock of second-hand parts which we obtain from disused wind power systems and other sources.


Do you need parts for your wind power system? Volt-Energy will obtain the parts you need so that he down time of your equipment is minimized and production can be resumed quickly. Just call us – we will be glad to dig up the parts you need.